Thursday, May 29, 2014

One Wet Wet Muddy Day

Lots of gardening today. Only about 60 degrees, and raining constantly, so is perfect weather; and tomorrow is low 70s and sunny/cloudy, so good to adjust before more heat. I am still mostly orange and brown even after a very hard scrub in a hot shower, so clearly I haven't lost the delicate art of getting thoroughly dirty. Which is to say by the time I was finished, I had so much soil on me I was sprouting. After all, fancy folk get little rolly chairs and stools to sit on while gardening- while I just plop meself down and dig in!

One of the garden spots I worked on. The open areas are seeds.
As usual, I left any weeds that weren't causing problems
-ie over-running something I planted- 
they are pretty, too, and they keep the soil ecosystem happy.

These are supposed to be, and were in past, pink.....?
Honestly, I like the white, so pretty and sincere. So it is a nice change.

First Hollyhock bloom about to open!!

Second of my rose bushes to bloom-
this one is so amazing, and produces blooms in shades from soft pretty pink:

To deep and intense red. 
She looks like a pink rainbow when she really gets going!

I love not-quite-open dandelions, they look like unfolding rays of sunshine.
Yes Grace, that statement was for you. I was worried you may not have noticed.

I will never understand people with neat gardening gloves- 
what exactly do they use them for? Even after washing, they don't look much better.
I never took these off, and I still have orange hands and brown nails.

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