Monday, March 28, 2016

Ramp Conniptions and Calmness

Galbraith has made so much progress, but he still has his nervous habits, including major indecision about whether or not he is brave enough to approach, even if it is me he is considering approaching. I get a lot of back of my leg nose bops.

It might be ok..........

No! No. It's not!

And then this shocker-
he was both still and relaxed, even for picture taking,
in some place other than his chair.
And even in the chair he isn't still.
The discovery of warm sunny days can do that to you, I suppose.
Plus he was next to Fritha's dish and one from the goats.
Solid real estate right there, yall.

Even got some tail-wagging in.
Ok, technically he was the whole time, but you can see it here.

and only a few suspicious looks.....
really, Galbraith, from your photos no one would ever know
how you concentrate your day around dancing for my attention.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter!

The trees are really getting colorful now
-the woods circling the house are a ring of pink from the Red Buds-
but it has been cloudy past couple of days, not great for pictures.
Particularly not if I am taking them.

These are from earlier this week.

My best attempt at a mobile carpenter bee.
He left.
So this is the only attempt.
His shadow is quite nice, though.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016


My sister visited over the weekend to see the kids,
and it was wonderful to see her as always.
You can see the difference between us-
it was in the 30s, and I was in a thin shirt and flip flops,
while she was all bundled up.

Funnily enough I also mind heat less.
Clearly we have to stick together;
 we complete each other in our opposition to make similarities.

And for you Dad, a picture of all the kids-
so far, that is. 
Anemone is about to pop, and then it won't be accurate.

Spearfighter Two

Monday, March 21, 2016

It's Spring!


Soon this view will be changed- 
the view in winter is farther than summer with all the leaves,
which is nice seasonal variety.

Roses coming out with new foliage


Allium with water pooled in the leaves-
there is a red maple bud in bottom pool

More bloodroot, one of my favorites

Woodland Hyacinth


Boxwood and Periwinkles

Lone maple.....

buds up close-
albeit from a  different tree.

Crazy un-weeded Mazus Reptans.
Pretty much exemplifies the work to be done everywhere.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Forsythia and Kid Games

Aww, little Helen and Sylvie,
such a quiet and peaceful pair.

Unless you saw them earlier, of course.
Their games can get quite rowdy:

Says Marion to Sylvie-
"Let's Depose her, quickly now-
you first!"

 Says Sylvie dear to our Marion-
"'Tis done, but here twixt me and you, 
I would prefer alone to rule!"

Too Late,
Long reign Queen Rose!

Hard luck, being last doelings in,
older kids so easily win.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Goat Update

Helen is fully on her feet now, playing and active, no signs of her early trouble with the birth canal. And after days of holding Chrysanthemum down- as in shoved against the fence two feet in the air- so Marion could nurse, Marion has finally been re-accepted. The game changer was sticking my fingers in Chrysanthemum's mouth and wiping the spit all over Marion (and thanking Heaven that Miss C. isn't a biter) so now Marion smells just right to her Mom. Funny no one I have seen mentioned that, although it is common knowledge the mothers can "loose" the scent of their kid. 

Helen and Sylvie

Helen loves leap frog.
Serious obsession. 
She is training for the Nationals already.

The doeling Trio

Miss Independent-
Marion doesn't believe in sharing personal space, 
even before Chrysanthemum "forgot" her smell.
Possibly contributing factor, so can't totally blame the Mom.
Marion just came out ready to rock and roll, no slowing her down.
Also Chrysanthemum is pretty depressed about the gloomy weather when I took this,
which is kinna funny. It was even worse in the other pics.

Whole crew minus Deirdre-
Anemone's kid(s) are included, just still in her tummy.

And Miss Fritha, happy with all the hustle and bustle.