Monday, April 25, 2016


But first, my favorite Pussy Toes;
I can see this patch from the table as I eat breakfast, 
and for whatever reason, I love these fellows.

Shady native Dwarf Iris

Of the hillside I planted full of various iris from family and friends, 
three are blooming this year, which is two more than last year!
It is their fourth spring, but I put them in in tiny root pieces, so will take time.
Two are dark purple and one is a paler voilet.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Presenting Benny Goodman

Finally going to get it over with, Anemone.
Labor took a great while.
Turned out her sole kid was a bit big for her,
so he couldn't come out easily,
but on top of that he was all twisted up in his way to the door.
 Really just couldn't get it right, we had a few tries.
Poor Anemone. 
She was too tired to get up for a bit afterwards, and then I had to support her.
Neither of us enjoyed Tuesday very much.

In the mean time, we had a rather strained chat.

But he made it, and all was well!
Meet Benny Goodman- part lamancha, obviously.

My hat making an appearance here in the background, 
which I am sure Mom will find funny.

Peanut Gallery, Part 1:
Spearfighter Two, just a little hot

Alert little fellow for all that, though.

Mommy up and at'em

Peanut Gallery, Part 2:
You didn't really think these three would miss out on the action, did you?


His tail is just going all the time, you can't even see it here!

Bit of a meet 'n greet

.......And with that, birthing season 2016 is officially closed!

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Cold Snap Shenanigans

 These three just crack me up.....

Sylvie, Marion and Helen

How many goats can fit a nose in one dish?
Fewer than they think, for sure.

 Fritha imitating Marion and Daisy,
all working the two legged stance.

The blur is Rose. Kids are often blurs.

Might want to click on these pictures for a larger view....

Anemone just eats through it all....