Monday, May 19, 2014

Hello George

Your postcard made it, as you can see. I think it looks pretty snippy on my wall, a nice addition- it is a great shot, and my wall needed some fire power. So now you can see it again after mailing as you wished.

To answer your questions- the fly catching Phoebe chicks, all five, were eaten by the largest Rat Snake I have ever seen, since Alasdair is no longer here guarding the house perimeters. The chick chicks are almost 3.5 weeks old, and doing well with lots of tiny adult feathers, including their first black neck feathers, but you still can't tell whether either George or Goldilocks is aptly named- i.e. their sex. The kids are likewise almost 2.5 weeks old, and are getting very active and boisterous- Chrysanthemum is finally allowed to be friends with them in the afternoons, when Somerville is in the other fence- which makes the afternoons a happy time for all four of them. The puppy..... see previous post. I think she will take over Alasdair's executive position very well. Including Incidental Somersaults. 

So yes, May is very busy, and now with milking starting up, too. But knitting and waterfalls are very important. Knitting this evening, and already walked up to the waterfall this afternoon, after getting your postcard. There was too much water after all the rain for any but the one by the road, but that one is wonderful enough. It is leafed out enough now you have to enter through a green tunnel, opening onto the rock, surrounded by green with blue above, enough wild roses for an Victorian sap and enough roaring rushing water for everyone else. Today the rock was mostly covered in water, so full was the creek. Still, there were areas calm enough to wade in to get the lower half of my legs quite wet, which was more than good enough considering it was not overly warm today, and the water definitely wasn't either. Which meant my walk back was absolutely fabulous with my incredibly invigorated freezing lower extremities. 

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