Sunday, June 1, 2014

A Walk of Pink and an Abandoned house

I went to old Mrs. Toy's house to see how it was doing after all the spring growth. I really have to go on a rainy day this time of year, because there is a fair bit of grass and all to walk through around the house, and a good drizzle after a nice pour keeps the sneezing at bay. So not great pictures, particularly since I was still a bit sniffly. Pink is coming into vogue now- pink wild Virginia Roses (it was actually a pale pink, so the photo is only a bit dull on the color side) pale pink fleabane, pink peonies still doing fine (of course) after so long at the old house, and an unknown pink flower that I think Mrs.Toy originally planted.

Va. Creeper, not poison ivy. 
Not actually much poison ivy up there, really don't know why.

The red peonies are really now too much in the shade to bloom anymore, which is sad.

Unknown bushy thing by house.

Flowers of unknown bushy thing. Looks sort of sweet pea-ish.
And familiar. can't place it though. Probably something obvious.
I am hopeless.

The outhouse, a bit of a trek from the house. It has a lovely paned window, 
but personally I think outhouses need open windows even in winter. 

I think this was the chicken house, perhaps pigs or something as well,
or maybe part of it was a shed or storage. Really hard to tell now.
It is fairly long, though.

The old barn. That is poison ivy, so best only explored closer in winter!

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