Friday, May 9, 2014

Chickies at the end of the day

The chicks, and Betsy, are doing well. Betsy because now she can get out in the sun everyday and eat all she likes without having to run back t the nest. The chicks are growing very smart little wings and adorable tiny tails to compliment their fluff- which is turning from gold to light yellow. They spend their days in the closed yard now, since at 2 weeks they are more than up to jump-flying the two feet (or more, in fact, they are very happy jump-flyers) to get past the smaller wire around the bottom of the chicken pen the coop is in. This is good. Aside from the ordeal to go in and get them out to go back to the coop at night.

Standing proud? Yep, they got that.

This seriously is what I have to do to get them, 
including apologizing to Betsy for the intrusion.

 And out, phew.

Look at them, little flying puff-peeps that they are!

 Cute little wing and baby tail.

George- typical of him (or her.) Insisting he has not eaten too much,
that his end-of-day crop is not getting in the way of his walk waddle.

There, under control.

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