Monday, May 26, 2014

First Swim of the Year

'Tis time to say goodbye to the last of the Multiflora roses- to remember them till next year:

Woodland profusion

A rarity! The only double multiflora around- fancy, right?
Atleast 3 petal layers per blossom.

The "Rose Tree" near the end of my drive.

Today I walked down (or up and then down) to a waterfall on on the creek- I did not take my camera because I didn't feel like it, but I did regret not being able to bring Grace a picture of the Sundrops blooming in their big-and-bold bright yellow and orange-sickle profusion.

Late afternoon on a hot day, rushing water, sun shining in the brilliant blue sky. Bright sun meeting dappled shade meeting the deep of the woods, with blooming laurels and witch hazel overhanging the rippling water. Moss and lichen covered rocks, light sparkling crystal on the water, butterflies abounding, birds chattering away and flashing in the trees. And me sitting up to the tippytop of my nose and eyeballs in cold mountain water, gripping the rock against the current. Coming back through the woods with the evening chorus all around, and flowers, particularly strong honeysuckle, perfuming the air heavily, and warm breezes ruffling the trees. I didn't meet another (human) soul the whole afternoon.

I take off my hat to anyone that can name anything better than this. In fact, I dare you. Double dare you.

Quite frankly though, I personally wouldn't even bother to try.

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