Friday, July 10, 2015

Busy Times

After one miscarry and one abortion, 
Chrysanthemum was the only one of the does to give birth-
to Mr. Yarrow in the beginning of June. 
As if the heat wave wasn't enough,
it was during a massive thunderstorm, just for extra drama.

Summer evenings

Misty mornings

Toads in bowls

and Gwen still sleeping.

Goat pen fungus

which more than wets the appetite
 for crazy-looking (but delicious) raspberry cupcakes and hibiscus tea.

Faint rainbow

The chicks are so big now, and the couple of roosters starting to duck call-
I mean crow. At this stage it is easy to confuse the two.

Daylilies are finally out- 
many of my flowers seem later than others I see "locally"; 
I have particularly noticed this with the Columbines and Daylilies.
But this is the foothills of the Blue Ridge, so maybe it is a micro-climate thing.

Impressive cloudy skies.