Sunday, January 31, 2016

Plus Two

Joining Daisy (front) and Demi (back).....

Enter Deirdre.
Mom was absolutely thrilled you timed birth to take place 
while she was visiting.
No one else has been kind enough to do that before.

Peanut gallery in the sun this time.

Pawing and Pacing between contractions......


Kid Two, hardly visible but just out, a Doeling


Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Snowy Additions

My line of does tends to deliver later than day 150, 
so I wasn't surprised when Whisper conveniently missed the stormy days of
Friday- day 150- and Saturday.
Also, my rosemary mid storm. 

She also waited past day 152 on Sunday.

Poor deceased bird that wandered into the heat pump during the storm.
Caused a big whirlwind of feathers and other bits;
I actually happened to be at window when it happened.
Re-reading that first sentence, the 'deceased' is really unnecessary.

Day 153, no news.

Yes, I really did forget to bring in my chair before the storm and all the wind.
Didn't move, though, so that is nice.
Also the warm temps since Saturday have really helped the melting,
particularly on this sunny spot of mine.

Day 154 now...

Poor Whisper. This is just the beginning.

I had time to take in the view from the door of the shed before I was needed-
Whisper was doing all the hard work at this point.

Finally! A little girl!
Very talkative thing, too.

Number two, a buckling!

Peanut gallery.

Little doeling, already coming over when I talk to her-
she couldn't decide which of us to follow,
Whisper or myself.

Amazing thing about biology-
these January babies are so so so so so so much floofier than May babies!
So much fur.
Just one little bundle of cashmere. 
Incredibly hard to put them down.

Evening, all dry and comfy.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Before the Storm

Whisper's official due date is tomorrow
-right on time with the snow storm, of course-
but judging by her ligaments when I fed them dinner a bit ago, 
I'd guess she has at least 24 hours to go.
For maximum difficulty she would be giving birth tomorrow night,
but I wouldn't be opposed to her waiting until early afternoon on Sunday.
Jis' saying.

She did enjoy the sun today, though!

My hibiscus has quite recently come out in a rash of teeny Preying Mantis.
Really couldn't say where they came from, since it has been inside since October,
and that seems a rather long incubation-
but I don't really know that much about them. 
I  never saw any egg case on the bush itself.
Still, they are pretty cute! 
I would not think there would be too much to eat inside, though,
except each other.

My camera lens isn't really up to the challenge of capturing them,
but you get the idea.

This fellow who decided to sit on a stinkbug
-and yes Mom I know I should have taken the stinkbugs to the toilet.
The mantis is blurry because he was moving.

I tried to get one while he was sitting on the stinkbugs back, 
but instead I got a shot of the stinkbug right after he kicked the Mantis off.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Sunday, January 17, 2016


New Goats- say hi!
From left un-named Lil Buddy, Anemone, and Deirdre

X marks the spot, so they say.

Visiting Grandparents- beach near mouth of Potomac