Thursday, April 30, 2015

My Love for Oaks Continues

Of course......

The several mature Oaks ringing the house leaf out at different times, so you can see each one at a different stage all at once; however, these pictures where not all taken on the same day, but within the last week.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Still Waiting for Kids

Waiting and waiting and waiting, day by day checking for nothing. Possibly I am not cut out for such long labor pains as seem to run in the line of my does, such record breakers are they for late births following so many many days of pre-labor...... I have given up all hope.

My current theory is that a posse of spaceships will come to beam them up so they can give birth to dragon does and kraken bucks on Mars. Will keep you posted.

Trees start to show a range of solid color at last.

Wet days, and the ring of Redbuds around back of main goat pasture.

Dry days.

Tree buds full out in full pollen bloom.

More wet days. I like Redbuds on wet days, they seem so starkly pink.

Mazus Reptans blooms in a carpet of green and violet beneath one of the climbing roses.

 Green shows clearly now as baby leaves come on some earlier trees.

More and more green daily.

 The Adjuga blooms, almost overnight.

Still waiting. 
"Hurry up and Wait Club" indeed.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Such Change


But today was all rain all day;
Redbuds here.


Lower pasture.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

New Chickies Arrive

Bielefelder pullets, just a few hours old-
the white on the beak is the egg tooth.

Three Coronation Sussex chicks, about two weeks old,
somewhere underneath which are two Bielefelder chicks, about a week old.

According to Grace, this picture makes the Sussex look like giants.
Actually they are tiny, but the Bielefelders aren't even half a minute.

Bielefelders have adorable white butts under that amazing plumage.

Pretty sure this Sussex is a Rooster, as he is always standing tall and keeping watch.
They really do seem to show those traits early.

Just hatched pair of Bielefelders.

I am in love with Bielefelder coloring.
The just hatched pullets look like Eastern chipmunks with raccoon masks, while adults
look like the perfect mix of several different hawks, a bit of Bittern, and wild Turkeys.
Really can't go wrong with that.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Good Friday in the Rain

Plus a fabulous long talk with my sister in England. 

Stormy day clearing.

Brief clear moment with rainbow and sun!

Redbuds are coming....

My baby Maple from my Grandparents'.

First Bloodroot bloom in my garden-
native ones I moved from farther into the woods.

Beautiful wild Violets all over, 
bright clumps seen up and down the yard from the window.

Lilac all green!

Moon rise.