Monday, May 19, 2014


My new table, or rather the old family table, so not actually new. New here, though. It is very large. Very executive or maybe eccentric. I tried Executive first, because clearly I did not have enough to do today. Actually I just got bored between cleaning and the dishes, which is the same thing. Roughly. Except to perhaps to Mom. 

It was not easy getting a shot with the four of us. Mostly since one of us is a Puppy.
 So this is most shots, with the Executive of Avian Affairs and Comedy
and the Vice President looking a bit underwhelmed with said puppy.

So basically I spent a long time this morning getting a terrible photo. Huh. Do not expect a Mad Hatter Version any time soon. Although making Fritha play the dormouse might be quite interesting.....

In memorium: Alasdair, Former Executive of Outdoor Affairs
and Incidental Somersaults
First photo of him, starving puppy outside the )pre-reonvation) backdoor

Last photo, watching the chickies.

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