Thursday, May 22, 2014

And Today

Was a good day. Busy. Funny though, looking at photographic evidence of a good day does not always back you up. For instance, I spent far too long trying to get good pictures of different products and one piece of art, which means I was terribly frustrated a significant portion of that time- which means I have several series of pictures of nothing like these, where I just started pushing the button over and over and over as some bizarre form of therapy.

I also learned just how dangerous roses can be. I swear, the slice through my thumb is deeper than any of the thorns on that little fellow! And this picture is just after cleaning it up. On the plus side, the Red Queen can rest happy tonight, with her white red roses.

Little Miss Kid is not impressed with my rose scars. She says they never have trouble with them, so it must be a personal problem.

Fritha just wants to know if I am done being so busy and can go on a walk. Like now. Please! Please? Please....?

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