Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Waiting for the Storm and the Rain

I have yet more to plant, but I need soaked soil! So we wait for the predicted week of wet to start.

Wild Flax

So many Hollyhock buds, oh when they start to bloom, what a sight.

Look how they grow, 4.5 weeks now!


  1. I put in lettuce plants and some marigolds and a couple tomatoes planted very deep. Thunderstorms due here in the next two hours so I hope they get properly watered. Don't like the possibility of 1.5 inch hail though.

    1. Hope they get the rain and not the hail, then! It is getting quite stormy here now. The soil is mostly clay, so even after amended with lots of chicken and goat house mess, it is just easier to plant after the rain. I have several things I got from the native plant sale at Wintergreen, from an azalea to bee balm to heuchera. So hopefully tomorrow morning!