Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Good Times

I just got back from a very very long day in C'ville- a very long wet day. It rained all day, as it had been for a few days, and really poured on the way home; more than I expected. After skidding a few times on the highway, going through large pools on the country roads and stopping to pull a large branch off the road, I decided my neighbor's car could not make it up my flooded driveway, although it had at least finally stopped raining. Walking isn't a problem itself, the water complicates it a bit but it is actually nicely warm today, and I only had three bags of groceries. But I decided to take off the flats I was wearing since there was more water on the drive than I had shoe, and I was wearing my "going out" (aka away-from-mud-city-clothing) white shorts and an actual-factual nice blouse; you could say it was better for climbing up a muddy semi-flooded drive than say, a cocktail dress- but only by a little bit.

No, Mom, I don't think it is a shame no one got a picture. I am already considered quite crazy enough, so I will probably live without this moment being recorded.

Along the way, I found a most gregarious small box turtle in the middle of the drive, and as I didn't feel like climbing the steep sides to get her off the road, I picked her up to carry to my garden; she was headed that way anyway. Shortly after this it started raining again.

Wetly later, I arrived home freshened as only a climb in the rain can do, bags, shoes, turtle and drowned rat-itude in tow.

Course I still have the shorts to clean, so not overly thrilled bout that. Blouse is good.

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