Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Randomness and Bread

Daily Dose of White Oak

Finally have a pretty good recipe for Focaccia,
though still needs a bit of work.

BUT I used the fabulous blueberry salt Grace brought me back from Iceland,
which makes it totally awesome regardless. 

While it was baking, Fritha took to her toys with great exuberance.

Which only happens every other waking minute.

In case your day needed some insect porn,
I found these walking sticks mating on the side of the house, fairly high up.
Might need to click on picture to see.

Apparently a ritual that lasts from hours to days.
No idea what variety of walking stick this is, but pretty big for here- 
the large is the female.

For perspective.

Finished Focaccia.
not particularly fabulous looking but I know you wanted a pic anyways, Grace.
It was very good.

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