Thursday, October 1, 2015

If It's Not One Thing, It's His Mother

Yesterday was sunny and breezy and lovely, a brief respite between bouts of rain- assuming you ignore the fact that the stinkbugs swarmed. Which, just for the record, you can't. Whole house is like these pics. I open the secure screened and taped windows that they cannot get in to lure them with the promise of a warm winter hiding space, and thus draw them away from actual entrance points. Diabolical, no?

No actual evidence it works over all, but at least the very non-secure front windows don't have a stream of bugs popping in, which is terrible for blood pressure. Because while you mostly hear about mice and octopus being able to get in tiny spaces, we all know stinkbugs have them beat by miles. Plus they put off stink when they find a nice hibernating spot, and poop more than mice. 

View from inside the above window.
Chickies love stinkbugs. But they have to wait for low flying fools.
Also they are good about picking them out of your hair or 
off the back of your shirt when you just can't find them. 
Because it is that bad on swarm days.

It is again rainy and cold today. 
And there will be lots and lots of rain through the weekend.
I have hopes of all the remaining stinkbugs drowning and being washed away.
These are completely false and ungrounded hopes....
but I hold them anyways.


  1. Those things are thick as mosquitoes in Belize. If a 1000 year rain can't keep them down, there is not too much hopefully they got washed out. But maybe the tape is working?

  2. Well, so far I don't see any more in the house than can be explained by the necessary door openings, soo... I think it is! But now the sun is out, and a few woke up yesterday, and many more today. They get more drunk the further into swarm time, which just means more will try burrowing into you. Fun times.