Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Back Goat Yard

The back goat yard, around 5:30 when it is finally all shade-
From left: Yarrow (newly away from Mom), Genesis, and Whisper.

Miss Marple and M. Poirot have taken up residence in the back goat yard.
There was a great debate among visiting family as to whether this was by choice- 
meaning they got in when the gate was open and couldn't get out-
but I was sure that it was not a forced incarceration. 
Certainly all the other chickens have no trouble popping fence lines.
My only proof of this, however, seems rather hallucinatory.
In the space of one afternoon, after over a month of staying always within the fence,
I saw both Miss M. and M. P. in the front garden, then in the chicken yard,
and lastly foraging in the front goat yard.
By the time I went for the mail at 5, they were nestled down in the back yard,
for all the world as though they had never left.
Never, ever, ever trust chickens.

M. Poirot left and Miss Marple right

The past couple of days have had very dramatic skies,
here over the back goat pen.

Dramatic my friend, dramatic.

To evening and rest.....

Though Primrose remains unimpressed.

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