Friday, June 13, 2014

Ode to Queen Anne's Lace

Always one of my favorite wildflowers. Seeing it blooming now made me think of two videos I saw on The Curious Adventures of Kirk Lombard- when he discusses Queen Anne's Lace. I hadn't heard that it had a hairy stem and Water Hemlock did not, although I have never had trouble telling them apart anyway. But now it is forever stuck in my head that Queen Anne doesn't shave her legs. Which is pretty funny.

This part is the Ode.

Oh- Stately Queen on a Rainy Day

Always Abounding- Common yet here some Originality

Puffs of White make a Dance Floor of my Dreams to thee.

Yep. That jis bout covers it. 
Pretty Snippy. And yes, today is a funny day. I'm enjoying it.

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