Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Family unit.... plus very dramatic early morning woods.

New addition! Poor little guy, ripped from his Mom at 5 weeks, which is how the breeder said she always does it but that seems a bit young to me, particularly cold turkey. Quite a shift for his stomach! And in the trauma of tattooing he ripped his disbudding scars open. So don't worry, I brought him in to go all "Civil War Soldier," as Dad said, with a poultice and a natural electrolyte and mineral solution to drink, since he wouldn't eat or drink on his own. I mean, the breeder would have done this anyway regardless of whether I bought him, and he is a good buckling. And very sweet!

What ya think, Whisper?

3 days later........
Look how well his head is doing! 
He has lost weight of course after all the changes, but is doing great
and really starting to settle in and make himself known. 
I.E., show some sass to his new and quite bossy family.

Sibling love.... Jello (Buckling) left, Whisper (doeling) right.

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