Saturday, June 7, 2014

Look How the Kids are Growing!

But first, I am pretty sure everyone needs some major rose love.

Yep, she's pretty spectacular.

Little Miss, getting her tan. 
I'm thinkin she has got jis a teensy bit more to go.

But it is relaxing, so relaxing.

Sir Buck, eating, as usual.

He thinks he is really something special.

Chrysanthemum spent the whole time I was taking pictures of the kids reaching her head through the fence and sticking it up my skirt. You wear a long skirt, and she eats it; but short ones don't exist in her world. 
So to make up for ignoring my dearest puppy-goat however briefly, I took her picture using
the "extra special special" portrait setting on the camera. According to the booklet, it makes skin appear softer and hair flowy-er. That is a quote.

I am pretty sure even to the untrained eye this picture perfectly exemplifies that amazingness.

Hollyhocks from front porch, with Amelia just visible in the hen house.

One of the little apple trees coming along!

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