Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Spides and Skies

Indoor Fishing spider, without good lighting in basement-
the flash makes her darker, but she was really dark in person, too, very beautiful.
Not full grown, though, so maybe she will get lighter.

Outdoor spider, without good lighting in evening-
Not sure what kind, maybe a type of Orb Weaver.

There were also some mating grasshoppers by the dryer vent as I was cleaning it out, but lucky you, no camera. There was a lot happening back there behind all the zinnias and marigolds. No snakes, though. The chickens have really cut down on incidental snake sightings around the house- they eat the smallish ones, and aren't terribly polite to the older ones. There is a Copperhead around that side of the house, though, and a mammoth Rat Snake, both of which are pretty chicken-proof now.

Today's incredible skies-

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