Tuesday, October 20, 2015


We have all been welcomed once again to the Land of the Frozen Water Buckets- although admittedly at this point their morning frigidity is rather shallow. And this week is supposed to be warmer again so it really was just a hi-and-bye-till-later affair. 

The trees can still seem to look more like late summer than mid-Autumn, but I was wearing a heavy sweater when I took these pictures if that helps. The leaves are still either a bit reluctant to change, or change over night and immediately drop. So it is as yet rather subtle-until-it-hits Fall, and you have to search every day for the color or you will miss it before it hits the ground. 

I didn't really feel like complaining, though, since all the goats were out of the bottom fence and I didn't have to argue (aka have a headshoving competition- Somerville- or agree to 3 uninterrupted hours of neck rubbing- Chrysanthemum) like usual for a spot to settle down beneath the White Oak at the bottom. 

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