Sunday, January 31, 2016

Plus Two

Joining Daisy (front) and Demi (back).....

Enter Deirdre.
Mom was absolutely thrilled you timed birth to take place 
while she was visiting.
No one else has been kind enough to do that before.

Peanut gallery in the sun this time.

Pawing and Pacing between contractions......


Kid Two, hardly visible but just out, a Doeling



  1. Despite the massive ears, or maybe partially because of it, those kids are pretty cute. Great that you got 2 doelings from the recent stork deliveries!!

  2. Oh you should look up pure Nubian kids- it seems like their ears come out adult size and they have to grow into them! These two are half Toggenburg. They have so much mobility in those ears, constantly flinging them around like they are erect ears- except they aren't.

  3. Soo cute again - now 4 babies!! Glad your mom was there to watch it all and cuddle the little ones!