Sunday, March 13, 2016

Somerville is Glad It is Over for Another Year

Again late posting, this was Wednesday morning.
This is the day before kidding after her belly dropped;
her girth was not record breaking but pretty huge before that.

Poor Somerville.
I really thought she might have more than two,
as she was so late while the twins jostled for position-
over a week, much of that with her ligaments fully lax and gone.
But you never know. 

Doeling One- Sylvie!

All black like her Momma,-
or her Momma in the summer 
and hopefully the winter if I can ever get her copper high enough.

Doeling two, Helen!
Helen had a rough start, she couldn't breathe by the time she got out,
but after a lot of swing and gunk cleaning and swinging and rubbing,
look at that face- head up and ready to face the day. 
Gotta admire that.


Preparing for the incoming licking!

They are so sweet together-
Somerville tends to like the firstborn best and whatever other kids less, er, significantly,
and this was compounded by Helen's birth and later quietness for the first couple days-
I did most of the cleaning when she was first born
(although I convinced Somerville to help some after she was ok)
 and Helen wasn't pushy enough to fight for much milk.
But Sylvie bonded with her, and didn't let Somerville forget there was another
until she finally decided Helen could stay on Friday.

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