Monday, March 28, 2016

Ramp Conniptions and Calmness

Galbraith has made so much progress, but he still has his nervous habits, including major indecision about whether or not he is brave enough to approach, even if it is me he is considering approaching. I get a lot of back of my leg nose bops.

It might be ok..........

No! No. It's not!

And then this shocker-
he was both still and relaxed, even for picture taking,
in some place other than his chair.
And even in the chair he isn't still.
The discovery of warm sunny days can do that to you, I suppose.
Plus he was next to Fritha's dish and one from the goats.
Solid real estate right there, yall.

Even got some tail-wagging in.
Ok, technically he was the whole time, but you can see it here.

and only a few suspicious looks.....
really, Galbraith, from your photos no one would ever know
how you concentrate your day around dancing for my attention.

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