Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Still Waiting for Kids

Waiting and waiting and waiting, day by day checking for nothing. Possibly I am not cut out for such long labor pains as seem to run in the line of my does, such record breakers are they for late births following so many many days of pre-labor...... I have given up all hope.

My current theory is that a posse of spaceships will come to beam them up so they can give birth to dragon does and kraken bucks on Mars. Will keep you posted.

Trees start to show a range of solid color at last.

Wet days, and the ring of Redbuds around back of main goat pasture.

Dry days.

Tree buds full out in full pollen bloom.

More wet days. I like Redbuds on wet days, they seem so starkly pink.

Mazus Reptans blooms in a carpet of green and violet beneath one of the climbing roses.

 Green shows clearly now as baby leaves come on some earlier trees.

More and more green daily.

 The Adjuga blooms, almost overnight.

Still waiting. 
"Hurry up and Wait Club" indeed.

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