Thursday, April 9, 2015

New Chickies Arrive

Bielefelder pullets, just a few hours old-
the white on the beak is the egg tooth.

Three Coronation Sussex chicks, about two weeks old,
somewhere underneath which are two Bielefelder chicks, about a week old.

According to Grace, this picture makes the Sussex look like giants.
Actually they are tiny, but the Bielefelders aren't even half a minute.

Bielefelders have adorable white butts under that amazing plumage.

Pretty sure this Sussex is a Rooster, as he is always standing tall and keeping watch.
They really do seem to show those traits early.

Just hatched pair of Bielefelders.

I am in love with Bielefelder coloring.
The just hatched pullets look like Eastern chipmunks with raccoon masks, while adults
look like the perfect mix of several different hawks, a bit of Bittern, and wild Turkeys.
Really can't go wrong with that.

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