Monday, April 28, 2014

George and Goldilocks Take a Walk

Only two eggs hatched of the clutch. So sad. I am blaming Jefferson. And since there are only two this time, I really hope both are hens! They already have their chick nicknames. The first born is Goldilocks (brilliant, right?) because she (or he) has darker gold feather streaks, and when she was born they looked like dark gold curls. Again, clearly brilliant. It was a joke but it stuck- of course, that is the point of chick nicknames. George got his (or hers) before he even hatched. It felt like he was doing constant somersaults and gymnastics inside the shell, never stopped moving- and upon relaying that information to Mom, she insisted he needed to be named George. I think it fits though- George is pretty much single minded when it comes to food. As soon as he left the nest, he spent no time looking at the sun, or running in circles, or squeaking aimlessly or falling on his face. No, it was all about what he could eat. True, he did get it wrong quite a bit, but props for effort, certainly. And Betsy soon steered him to better offerings.

George is on the right.
Which means power of deduction should reveal Goldilocks is the one left.
Yes, I did use that pun.

Again, Goldilocks left, George right. They must favor that arrangement.

Honestly can't tell. 50/50 chance of getting it right, though.
Which is not bad. Or good. Just 50/50.

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