Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Times

It was supposed to be snowing today......

Daisy and Demi confer......

Gemini, with Rose behind

They get pretty excited playing together;
I think this was a conference to decide whether they should start another game-
or just nap. 
Napping is very popular.

See what I mean?

Hellebore buds

Demi studiously ignoring Spearfighter One-
probably a good move.

Daisy "tasting the air"- or sticking her tongue out for the heck of it. 
Also always a popular activity.

 Goat rush!
Plus roosters. Roosters are like that.

And the mouse nest in the piano.
Just a general word to the wise mouse, don't hold musical soirees at night-
or really anytime.
Pretty much guarantees your discovery.

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