Saturday, December 27, 2014

Merry Christmas

Family visits with Family dogs.

I told Teeny Tiny to sit pretty and smile. No kidding- she runs over, plops down, and bat-ears me. 

I spent such a long time searching the internet for the right dog for Mima and Papa,
and whatever Teeny is, she is perfect for them. And pretty funny.

Like that footstool from Beauty and the Beast. Or an undiscovered Dr. Seuss character. 
Or maybe just a flying pillow, as George says.

Gwen, in her super fierce Christmas necklace. African Queen inspired, you might say.

Poor Fritha, she had to stay home and guard the chickies and goats.

But Gwen enjoyed the visit- she likes Teeny Tiny, who cannot jump her.
Definite plus, in Gwen's book. She has had to take to running under Fritha at times.

Hope she sees fairly often and mostly ignores except when cold and she wants a sleeping companion.

Hope with Mima.
She never did find the cat.

Can you find the dog?
Huh huh?

Gwen finds all the excitement tiring. 
And she is 14, so I can't blame her.

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