Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Just an average morning

   The moon in the morning, right in the middle there,
 pretending to be a cloud

       I set the stove on fire again today. Not too much, just a few flames. Really, I doubt there is anyone in the world as good at accidentally setting things on fire as I am; no wonder I am terrified of matches. I don't have any non-stick or silicon bake-ware in the house, and this is why- at least burning cast iron doesn't kill my parrots. It is not like I have a good excuse- I just forgot I had turned the pan on, and was busy getting an order ready to mail and listening to a recorded book- thankfully my house is small so I was right by the stove. Which makes it even sadder I failed to notice until the alarm went off.
       I do usually notice before that, which is good not only because I am less likely to burn the house down but also because I am saved from listening to a house of parrots repeat that bleeping- at actual volume- for several days. And still the message to remember the stove has not set in, so clearly I am much harder to train than they are. I think the outdoor animals look forward to every smoky event, though. French doors are lovely, but the outdoor crew seem to take the open doors as a literal "Open Door Policy" and all march in amid the haze and fans. No amount of chasing after them and insisting my house is not an unrealistic magazine shoot will convince them that chickens do not belong indoors.

On the plus side the cast iron pan, once a bit cooled down, was perfectly primed to be seasoned with some oil so it will be almost annoyingly non-stick for quite a while now. And the stove burner is now quite clean, burned spotless and shiny black.

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