Friday, August 29, 2014

Today is Friday. 10:24.

Back door toad friend. Fritha destroys frogs and toads- 
hasn't noticed they are sposed to taste bad.
So I carry him away, but he comes back. Maybe he is suicidal. Or very lonely.
Or just likes the food buffet at the french doors.

Tiny little grasshopper with large, comparatively large, shadow.

Impossible family portrait. 


Over eager uninvited pumpkin. I would not have planted one where the hens like perching. 
And not amid the spare brick pile.
His choice. Determined fellow. So now they just sit on him. 
Seems to be doing enthusiastically well anyway.


  1. I love the way pumpkins pop up in places you would not think they could grow! A happy plant to me - enjoy watching it turn colors!

  2. I am hoping the chickens do not destroy it before I can eat it! But they do so enjoy sitting on it for whatever reason.